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Grendene is a Brazilian company that is the world's largest manufacturer of sandals. It was founded by Alexandre Grendene Bartelle and his twin brother Pedro Grendene Bartelle. Grendene would start creating new brands, with the Grendha line in 1994, the Melissa line in 1996. 2002 saw the shoe take stage at Sao Paulo Fashion Week, and partner with models like Gisele Bündchen, along with becoming the number 1 shoe manufacturer within Brazil, by number of pairs.

Liliana shares her experience on Amazon, "I bought an 8 size Grendha Women's Passion Sandal-Jellies, but this shoe is smaller than the normal size, is like a 7 size."


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Carol Thomas says

"Disappointing quality when footwear arrived"

Woody says

"On the day I received my order it was reduced by £30, I contacted Daniel footwear to ask if I could have the item at the newly reduced price. Didn’t get a response so have returned item for a full refund ."

Gitte says

"The delivery partner DPD wasn‘t able to deliver the items and I didn‘t receive any refund or any e-Mail from Daniel Footwear and in answer regarding my e-Mails. I‘m not happy with this company. Reply to Daniel Footwear: This is simply not true. I was charged on my VISA Card, August, 27, 2020 with 460,01 EUR. Since today Sept 14, 2020, there is no refund on my VISA Card account! Second reply to Daniel Footwear: As I see in my order history you have paid the refund to Klarna but I‘ve nothing to do with Klarna! I paid with Visa Credit Card. I would appreciate the prompt refund of 460,01 EURO to my Visa Credit Card. Third reply to Daniel Footwear: I received your refund but the amount is wrong! Please take note there is a difference in the price you charged me and in the amount you refunded me of 13,53 EURO. I would appreciate the difference of the amount to my Visa Card Account since you could not deliver the items."

Linda Ibbott says

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